Building the law firm YOU want.

There are no two law firms with the same goals.
In order to build the law firm business (yes your law firm IS a business) you need to realize where you are so you can grow into where you want to be. The Legal Marketing Academy is more than a course — we’re offering you a pathway to your best law practice. Grow at your own pace and build the practice that matches your goals.

The Legal Marketing Academy by GNGF

The Legal Marketing Academy by GNGF is an elite community for growth-minded law firm founders, owners, and partners. The Legal Marketing Academy offers coaching on the technical and tactical disciplines for marketing your firm from first-class, agency-based trainers. In addition to weekly, live coaching sessions, The Legal Marketing Academy by GNGF offers 1-1 training sessions, direct access to trainers and other subject-matter experts, 24/7 access to the Academy Community platform as well as FAQs, guides, and more on-demand assets.

Rooted in The GNGF Way, our training system takes the proven methods that our team has developed in our decade-plus of legal marketing experience. We’re empowering owners to battle the “Big Budgets” by sharing in-depth, always-on access to the strategies, tactics and tools of data-driven marketers.

Join the Legal Marketing Academy by GNGF for access to expert trainers, ever-growing library of resources and a supportive community of like-minded, growth-focused peers.

The Legal Marketing Academy is...

A weekly coaching call led by industry experts.

Each week our legal marketing experts – GNGF managers actively leading strategy for agency accounts – host Live group sessions. You’ll be introduced to new topics and exercises, have work reviewed, and participate in live Q&A’s. A similar experience with top-tier consultants would cost thousands of dollars for a one-time engagement. Members of the Legal Marketing Academy by GNGF join these exclusive calls weekly.

A library of on-demand tutorials. 

Our wealth of experience and knowledge means our educators take dense topics often littered with jargon and buzzwords, and present them in easy-to-understand lessons.  Every single lesson will leave you with clear actionable next steps to move your law firm forward.

An interactive community of like-minded legal founders, owners and partners.

Join growth-minded legal entrepreneurs and learn by sharing your own stories and insights with the guiding context of legal marketing veterans. Our Academy Community platform is designed to foster connections and facilitate education.

The Legal Marketing Academy is NOT...

A collection of stale webinars preaching out-of-date info.

Plain and simple – Zoom Fatigue is real. And uninspiring content downloaded past its expiration date, read to you in monotone are at least partially to blame!

Our lessons are Live – and lively. Designed to be engaging and, most importantly, actionable. Never leave a session unclear on your path forward.

A Master’s level experience is for firms with deep pockets.

We’re not here to defend the Big Budget firms or their agencies, we’re here to help owners and partners achieve their goals. All of our coaching techniques are thoughtfully curated to feature tools and tactics that can be implemented without a massive budget.

A collection of trendy marketing “hacks.”

Have you ever met a ninja or a wizard in real life? Neither have we. We rely on what’s visible and, critically, measurable. Marketing budgets are real and have real-world impact. But they are only a part of the “local visibility problem” for locally-focused law firms.

Don’t put off marketing your firm in hopes of one day having excess cash to pour into an ad fad. Invest in your firm’s growth today with proven methods, and build your growth-model on a solid foundation.

Modern Community Platform

The Legal Marketing Academy by GNGF is built on the revolutionary Mighty Networks community platform. Within our community, members can access curated articles, weekly lessons, public mastermind chats dedicated to specific topics, real-time feedback on course deliverables,  and more.

Our community is designed with you in mind. Everything within Mighty Networks is there for users to learn, experience, and grow. Access your materials 24/7 from your phone, tablet, or browser no matter where you are. The elegantly designed native iOS and Android apps bring the content of The Legal Marketing Academy by GNGF to our members.


The Legal Marketing Academy isn’t like every other DIY marketing course because GNGF isn’t like every other marketing agency.

What is the Academy Online Community?

Our Community built on MightyNetworks is essentially a mastermind collective for peer-to-peer mentoring as well as your online resource hub for course materials, videos, SEO news and more. That means 24/7 access to peers, SEO pros, trainers, guides, and tip sheets.. Learn from others in your shoes with the expert guidance of a legal marketing specialist.

$2900+ in Bonuses if you ACT FAST

We are offering a wide variety of bonus incentives to members who join the program. Sign up early and revive all of the bonuses following your join date.

  • Special pricing save $500/month  $997  $497
  • In-depth SEO Audit Report ($1500 value)
  • Each membership includes a ‘bring a colleague’ Bonus Membership for Live Sessions ($997/month value)
  • Paperback copy of our best-selling book mailed to your office
  • Personal 1-1 Coaching Session ($250 value)

What topics will The Legal Marketing Academy by GNGF cover?

Each training within The Legal Marketing Academy focuses on a different but connected topic all built around creating a unified marketing effort. We have over 95 weekly sessions with topics building from fundatmentals to advanced SEO and Lead Generation strategies. Our members start here:

  • Define Your Brand
  • Build a Better Lead Magnet
  • Email Platforms & Setup
  • Building Custom Landing Pages
  • Online Forms & Data
  • Nurturing Your Leads
  • Organic Lead Gen Strategies
  • Tracking Success – Analytics 101
  • Paid Lead Gen Strategies
  • Optimization & Remarketing
  • and MORE!

Success at any size

We recognize that no two law firm founders, owners or partners are beginning this journey in the same place. Nor are they setting out to achieve the same goals.

And that is perfectly fine.

The skills our law firm marketing experts share each week scale with your firm. That means we are ready and willing to meet you where you are today – and to help drive your firm wherever you want to go.

Fundamental strategies and principles have been the same for Big Firms with Big Budgets and the sole proprietor alike. These techniques aren’t fads or “hacks” designed to game the system. These are proven, sustainable, and scalable.

But those Big Budgets have granted Big Firms a higher risk tolerance, in addition to access to enterprise tools and in-house marketing personnel. The Legal Marketing Academy by GNGF helps close this gap by offering coaching, tools, tech, on-demand resources and a wealth of community insights – to those who may not have the Big Budget yet, but have the vision now.